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  • What to do when you have no money through inspection to inspection is about to expire?

    In the absence of warrants for the time being no in consumer finance “it out 3 days after missing money before payday, but…” I think you are doing in everyday life and also be insufficient cash?
    Will end up driving the car hasn’t shaken and very heavy risk (see below), must comply with the inspection period.
    I say money hand I wasn’t helpless, that is the reality.
    Consumer credit card loans is useful for when you just don’t have enough money.
    “Consumer is afraid…” and can you tell from watching TV COMMERCIALS nowadays may seem very easy to borrow money.
    Interest rates have been capped with where there is only interest paid should watch out when borrowing money from the consumers ‘ financial need, but legal, borrowing up to 100000 yen, is up to 20% per year.
    With 100000 Yen borrowed at 20% interest, and one day is just 54 yen per interest cost.
    Amount can cover every day, Coffee Cup will stand, so I pushed for money… and those who are worth considering.
    Ride gone out risk of expired vehicle inspection vehicles to ride so you must be aware that high risk.
    Penalty and a fine will be imposed and car registration expired yet, first of all, legal obligations, so ride on public roads.
    Penalty is 300000 Yen by six points and fined.
    Do not consider the others that she is a so-called “one reinstated (suspended license)” a six-point penalty, so use the car.
    In addition to inspection staff have likely turned automobile third party liability insurance for the car.
    It is from the compulsory automobile liability insurance is normally pay when the inspection.
    Compulsory automobile liability insurance is a legal obligation.
    It becomes State liability for uninsured vehicles would run on public roads and also the penalty is six points and fined 500000 yen.
    Been combined these two is actually the number of violations and fines are calculated, so violation points will you of 800000 Yen less than 12 points, fines.
    I understand how much greater is the risk of driving the vehicle has not been inspected and.
    Expired vehicle inspection car is absolutely not so.
    When borrowing money from the study consumers financial may be scrapped if the review of consumer credit review.

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