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  • Total deregulation? Changes in abenomics lending industry [masterpieces of caching:

    Is there no limit to rent out? What happens when the total amount of regulation is eased? The reason for the revision of the total regulation is to prevent the increase in multiple debtors, to prevent excessive lending, and to optimize the business for loan lenders._x000D_
    This amendment would have had a big impact on consumers._x000D_
    When the total regulation is eased, you will be able to borrow more than one-third of your annual income, and you won’t be able to stop borrowing money._x000D_
    What will happen if that happens?_x000D_
    As the economy gets worse, more and more people are more likely to be bankrupt, and many more are coming out of their own, too._x000D_
    However, there are some people who are dissatisfied with the relaxation, but there are some who are economically helpful, so I can’t say which is better._x000D_
    Gray zone interest rate that was formerly a problem._x000D_
    Could the rate limit be raised to 29.2%? The gray zone interest rate is the interest rate that the lending business continues to exceed the limit of interest rates stipulated by the interest law._x000D_
    The gray zone interest rate was abolished on June 18, 2010, when the level of interest restriction law was lowered to 20%._x000D_
    However, the lending business, which meets certain conditions, is certified as a “Licensed lending business” and excludes the application of the interest restriction law only to the contractor, 29. The government is talking about working to make it possible to make it at 2%._x000D_
    There is a voice of concern whether the number of debtors increases if the interest rate is raised by the pros and cons in this._x000D_
    An amended lending business law to reduce the multiple debtors._x000D_
    How will Abe affect the lending industry in the future? The LDP is trying to re-revise the amended lending Business law._x000D_
    Since the LDP has been less likely to borrow money from banks that would like to receive loans from the bank by the Loan Business Act, which was amended in 2006, I think the economy is deteriorating and I’m trying to re-revise it, but does it really lead to economic recovery? Even if you recover temporarily, only the debt remains and the days of repayment will continue to borrowers? Whether it’s a short-term profit or a future stable, or if Abe is re-amended, it may be a blessing for the money lending industry, but we are worried about how it will affect consumers._x000D_
    If you do not re-revise, the money-lending trader will decrease, and the person who needs the cash might be embarrassed._x000D_
    It’s a difficult place to do._x000D_
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