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  • To borrow money in my student loan? Word of mouth research review

    Student City, Tokyo takadanobaba has a number of student loan specialist is their particular industry’s largest field “friend,” and said Japan’s first student loan specialists.
    Is a student of financing performance of many “friend rice field” with the students for a reliable and reputable mortgage professional.
    In current NET caching supports the students across the country it is possible to apply from anywhere. Company name co., Ltd. friend rice abbreviation friend rice Corporation / personal Corporation business contents financial address Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku Takada Baba 3-Chome 2-1 Yamato building phone number 03-5925-0919 (8) Governor of Tokyo, registered number no. 15294 No. Member organizations Japan Finance Association No. 001613 issue basic specs available amount 10000 Yen ~ 500000 yen [if the normal examination] apply principle 17% interest rate interest rate per annum 15.00%~17.00% repayment methods principal free repayment scheme collateral / guarantor required new users if the
    If you are an existing Member 15.00%~17.00% rates will apply.
    As the required documents, student ID (required) in addition to copy, such as a driver’s license, health insurance card is required.
    How to apply eligible high school students, college students, college students, prep-school students in the required documents are presented and people with a steady income if you’re application is possible.
    How to apply to the Internet application and online registration.
    All Internet application “my field” If 24-hour application, allowing students in Tokyo, as well as from countries anywhere can apply.
    From application to lending flow pasoconsmaho your on the home page of”friends” “new application” from the fill in the application form and send.
    ↓ contains the registration confirmation on how the form is sent.
    Down arrow then verification of necessary documents to take the examination.
    ↓ will contact winners of the examination is over.
    If the Internet application will be call this review.
    If you wish to transfer on the same day, as much as possible to come to the phone, or give from my phone.
    ↓ to those who pass the examination will be credited to the designated account after the briefing on the lending and repayment.
    Contract is sent after the transfer completes, so you fill out and return within a week, is completed.
    Online subscription agreement created in situ.
    That transfer ahead of contract documents, so depending on the time of contract on the same day transfer is possible.
    You can choose repayments how to repay the Bank, branch counter, by registered mail.”Friend rice field” repayment method interest principal free repayment (applied first) 1 minimum per month in interest on deposit is required 1 times.
    When principal payments that you can afford to deposit in units of 1 yen.
    Principal straight-line repayment minimum per month to the fixed amount of principal and interest payment is required.
    Principal and interest equal payment monthly payment of a certain amount is needed.
    Has become.
    If not that painful debt repayment this month was an unexpected expense, if you repay only the interest can be as burdens on the cost of living.
    And you continue to pay only the interest on long term, however, the recommended thing to pay back the extra month paying unnecessary interest, so there is room.
    Differences in student loan and consumer finance financial money lending business law with business to consumer finance, student loans, so that it is the same, but differ in the terms and conditions and submission.
    Students who have a steady income of the student loan consumer finance loan terms over 20 years old. (College students, other graduate students, undergraduates, graduate students, etc) age 20 and older, stable earnings, if any, students even loan maximum amount 1-500000 pie often 8 million yen, up interest 15~18.0% about 3.0%~18.0% have documents driver’s license, Copy of health insurance card, student card driver’s license, health insurance card, passport, copy 1 payment methods every month repay the interest-at least once monthly minimum repayment amount at check no, because there are differences by caching, including loans and repayments,
    You must know ago borrowing. School is OK is consumer credit?
    “How to have a steady income of age over 20 years old and is leading consumer finance loan conditions.
    Recognized as income and steady income, workers receive monthly salary as well as stable income for part timers, so don’t worry.
    However, the total pollutant load control on limits that maximum loan amount is within one-third of annual income rises, so less income, decent credit less.
    Incidentally, for part-time income is 600000 yen, within 1-3 minutes because the maximum loan amount a maximum, up to 200000 yen.
    However, limited the maximum amount of first-time applicants tend to be 100000 Yen said, it may be.
    One way is to bank loan when you want more debt, no income limits apply. Tougher screening of friends?
    You do not need to submit such written consent and do not have terms and conditions of”friends” that requires parental consent for minors, but is over 20 years old, especially parents have become sponsors, while others.和歌山県岩出市のプロミス店舗一覧検索