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  • [Direction experiences] also have a debt with the Scout fraud, but to live [masterpieces of caching:

    G. (Saitama Prefecture, 24-year-old woman, an office worker) of or stuck to something stupid like a thinking direction card loan experience record now I would be miserable, but at the time it every day was sick, I think I. …
    Had joined the company graduated from College, got the job offer, out of two years.
    Job description at most routine work in the clerical old fashioned feeling, without enthusiasm I felt boring.
    Is still like tea and copies are for female employees work from the position of women is low.
    I want to do this, go!
    My not work such as well, but was kept going to a company and life must have a salary or not, while also complaining.
    Was talking to Scouts in the streets of Ikebukuro was such a case, it is.
    It is a cabaret solicitation or pick up, if even the foot did not stop I’m performing arts Office for the first time was honestly just happy, I listen to it.
    Though, and perform talent recruitment had a funny video from there Scout scam that I know is that when from the beginning really, I heard it was not. But “actually 00 just a talent Laden in our Office lesson experience from leading × × in is the debut?”
    I put names of real talent talk with cleverly wrapped, about also getting seriously hear I.
    And I leaned more and more, the person said.
    “Uchiha I hastily see passing you, but I don’t usually do the talking on the street, I had to call out.
    Sell, if you can debut now and I’m sure no doubt.
    Of course the backup will do everything Office. If, first of all, not received the interview? “Don’t think quite an ardent come-on?
    She said pretty Club! and too well, but it was the fact that stories like anything.
    Well, but should civilisation still only talk.
    You have accepted that pretend that I’ll listen to myself so the alone speak for the time being, to be interviewed.
    In the interview was the lobby lounge luxury hotel in Shinjuku.50s as the self-proclaimed President, industry people also means not ordinary salaried staff in a good way.
    Maritimes to even talk about Buri and bland atmosphere, this silly little question and sign up right away, and told me, was also a lot of small talk, like as if not impatient with me, then seal it.
    I,…, and has solidified so I will gently out to talk in such a way that it is not real. So I’m just positively examined and slip of the tongue, but when I place lesson Studio fee is required in advance and admission fee is required.
    It seems, just showed me swing me really glad I would be stopped if the money charged, but did not talk about money at all.
    It is the modus operandi in will it was stupid.
    Feel like if it was in existence already not drinking coffee in the lounge after all, classical music flowing glass 1000 yen, while I’m officially signed the agreement.
    Lift worship the agreement President while among the words of appreciation.
    Embarrassed, while dazed was flying high.
    May be released from the boring days at this… me.
    And after all my 持chiageta he said this President.
    “Could be better groomed prepare to debut as a celebrity and actress you’s charming 10 minutes now, but if you want a more perfect.
    Into showbiz in hair and beauty firm putthe shine on their own is another natural now too then. Through there to introduce recommended Salon has partnered out to, don’t you?
    I’m from I’m not doing a contract and payment terms and conditions on your own and do not pay salaries later from the Office’s real cost nothing. So, with confidence you won’t apply? “Men have been scouted and repeatedly says,” I’m still early though you promise to pay it’s not quite that?
    I’m quite got it. “It keeps things from…
    I take the tone.
    Cut trust can pay on salary, then signed a contract with story and tell the story, as have payments with a credit card.
    Completely you can debut when I was high on the feeling and did not head is spinning the decent.If you think say the hotel’s Lounge Macedonia were carefully stacked from its dreamy place settings.
    And the next day.
    Immediately, I went to the Salon.
    However, knock even the Salon name plate is now in one room of the apartment building had to address was taught nothing.
    I phoned President was written on the card as I stood at the front door, and Scout’s guy’s phone number, but the number is not in service, the mechanical voice announcements only.
    Listening to the ruthless, you finally understand.
    And was deceived.
    I have become immune to, got what I was panicking and trying to cancel a credit card payment is already experiencing repayment obligation holds the debt, because even though the POV.
    Because I had no savings, while monthly payments kept intact, but originally high salaries that don’t cost of living was getting properly.
    So I decided to use the way want to reduce monthly payments, to use the card is.
    How to make repayment of loans or loans with the remainder of the debt, the money by paying off credit cards in bulk, instead, that is.
    I wanted to not destroy life loans say several thousand yen monthly payments, because it had to.
    But of course the min payment period will be longer… chose “direction” of the Bank loans.
    Have accounts in the Bank and was familiar.
    Was borrowing the amount of desired examination can pass safely, so did repay the remaining credit card debt soon.
    Then it continued steadily until arriving to the loans company repayment now.
    What if seriously continue to work once and was too stupid and disgusting experience… the only good thing was the impossible became so hard I was reasonably nervous internal evaluation, salary went up ever so slightly, that.
    Really good story behind that 染mi渡rimashita to the bone marrow.
    Braced caught another 2 degrees and is not, and the will to live from this. From the Editorial Department believe it or not I will not be fooled by not…
    That is a scam also heard there are said to be so gullible, to admire the modus operandi to the sophistication of that these days.鹿児島県霧島市のプロミス店舗一覧検索